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Urban Rulerz @ Ndorphin Club, Chemnitz

Lineup Reggae / Dancehall Loocush – live – Fahda Sensi (Sensi Movement, Ruff-E-Nuff) Phonatics Hifi Stylicious Dancecrew (FVZ, Ndorphin Club) Drum&Bass Sighter (Resource Crew, Radio Re:Scope) Mr.Lettuce (Corinthian Recordings, Mutated Sounds) Shawne (FVZ, Ndorphin Club) Start: 23.00 Entry: 6€ Location: Ndorphin Club, Blankenburgstr. 62, 09114 Chemnitz

Ten years Mr.Lettuce

Although I have mixed feelings concerning birthdays and anniversaries, but it makes me a little bit proud to be ten years ready as a musician. Exactly on the 28th of September 2002 I have played my first gig at the AJZ in Chemnitz, followed by more than 100 and twelve releases. But this wouldn´t be […]

Xmas Breaks @ Cube Club, Chemnitz


Lineup Sighter (Resource Crew) Gizeh (Resource Crew) Repulse (Fraktion 42) Angel Dust (Dead Metropolis) Racoon (Dead Metropolis) Force Lettuce (Lettuce Audio) Back20 D.I.S (Ruff-e-Nuff) Kaim42 (Fraktion 42) Sure (Dead Metropolis)

Double Trouble @ Cube Club, Chemnitz


Lineup Drum&Bass Lettuce (Lettuce Audio) D.I.S (Ruff-e-Nuff, raggajungle.biz) Force Repulse (Fraktion 42) Angel Dust (Dead Metropolis) Racoon (Dead Metropolis) Sure (Dead Metropolis) Reggae, Dancehall Cosmophonic Sound Sunomonto Crew Phlatline Sound Fahda Sensi (Sensi Movement)